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Waardenburg, 11 January 2016

Dear Sir, Madam,

We would like to personally inform you of a development within our company.
In order to stay agile and competitive on the market in the future, Novoferm plans to close its production location of industrial sectional doors in Waardenburg and to implement a limited reorganisation of indirect positions as well. read more


Novoferm is part of the Sanwa Group, a world leading manufacturer of entrance systems, supplying high quality, reliable and innovative products, through a global network of 107 Companies and thousands of Approved Distribution Partners.

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In 1955 Isselwerk Werth GmbH was founded by Mr. Sandscheper and Mr. Hoffmann in Isselburg-Werth. The production programme comprised products of general metal and steel construction such as doors.

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Novoferm provides products that help architects, construction companies and building owners to reduce costs and protect the environment.

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Safety is always the focus of attention. Not only must injury or damage to people or goods be reduced to a minimum, but working disruptions due to door malfunctions must be prevented.

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Developing and building in accordance with the relevant safety standards does make the door safer to use, but does not provide burglary prevention features.

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Technical advice and support is available from Novoferm, for the architect, the construction company and the building owner, at every stage of the project. This includes specification advice, such as product application information.

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No business deal can ever justify putting Novoferm’s and our business partner’s reputation at risk. Integrity is a precondition for our sustainable business success and to reach the goals of our Vision 2020...

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