A SmartHome provides a multitude of benefits. Connecting and automating different types of equipment and functions (e.g. lighting and heating) noticeably increase living comfort. It’s therefore not surprising that smart technology is currently on everyone’s lips – or rather in everyone’s hands because smartphones and tablets are indispensable here.

Many functions around the house and garage can be intuitively and simply operated via an app on your own smartphone. Novoferm works with its SmartHome partners to provide the appropriate technology for sectional garage doors.

What is smartHome?

Source: University of Siegen

Explanation - SmartHome

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Smart technologies are not only conquering the home, but also the garage. The benefits of smart sectional garage doors include opening and closing via app, intuitive operation and a broad range of smart door control

To enjoy these benefits you’ll need, in addition to a Novoferm sectional garage door and operator, the relevant app from one of our SmartHome partners. To use an app, the garage door operator is connected to a standard router via a SmartHome gateway and the Novoferm plug-in module. The entire solution is easy to set up via the partner’s smartphone app. The apps are available for free for Apple and Android devices.

Are you already using a SmartHome system from one of our partners? Integrating your smart sectional garage door is no problem. But having an existing system is of course not required to operate Novoferm sectional garage doors via an app.

Your advantages at a glance

Managing your entire smart home with one app

Intuitive app operation using advanced gesture control

Door operation and door status querying via smartphone and tablet

Operator lights can be controlled with or without opening/closing the doors

Ventilation position to optimally air the garage*

Multiple sectional garage doors can be controlled from one app

Optional direct control or for specific scenarios

Voice control*

Maximum flexibility via time- and location-independent operation


* Functions depend on SmartHome partner, components and release.

SmartHome - Control your sectional door via app

For the smart control of your Novoferm garage door operator (NovoPort®, Novomatic 423, Novomatic 563 S), you can use common SmartHome systems (Homematic IP, Innogy, DeltaDore).

For more detailed animations and videos on our products and services, visit the Novoferm YouTube Channel: