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If you can't find what you are looking for in our range, we can also offer customized solutions, from special exterior doors right up to designs tailored to your individual requirements!

Strip curtains

Developed as a low-cost alternative

Easy clip - easy to install and affordable
If you are looking to seal an infrequently used passage with something that is quickly attached and stops draughts, then you might want to think about strip curtains. Depending on the size of the opening and type of transport, you can choose certain widths or strips with greater or less overlap.

Advantages at a glance

Developed as a low-cost alternative

Max. height 6 m

2 – 4 mm strip thickness

Transparent strips

Various overlaps

Optional orange end strips

This type of draught excluder has been popular for decades, thanks to a series of crystal-clear properties:

  • Flexible strips that let a lot of light through
  • Reduce noise by up to 30 dB
  • Simple hanging system
  • Quick and easy to install
Customized designs


If you want to mount a rapid roll door behind an (existing) industrial exterior door, you are probably going to need a customized design.

Talk to our technical advisors about a made-to-measure solution and save yourself the bother of commissioning a third party to perform adjustments when you can get everything from a single source.

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