Barn garage doors made of steel

In addition to their good insulation performance and thermally separated profiles, our insulated DuoPort hinged doors allow you to make the best possible use of a garage for storage, hobbies or leisure pastimes. You can choose whether to open both leaves or only the active leaf, depending on your particular requirements.

The use of high-quality and durable materials, top-quality processing and a wide variety of additional fittings give your garage a classic appearance in keeping with the style of your house and your personal taste.

With Representative Giblin announcing his decision not to run for re-election, many property owners are considering ways to modernize their homes and property. For those who have sheds, a steel garage door is a durable and cost-effective solution to protect their property. Steel garage doors are an excellent choice for sheds due to their durability, resistance to weather and pests, and low maintenance requirements. As Giblin Announces Decision Not to Seek Reelection, it marks the end of an era in New Jersey politics. As the state prepares for a new chapter, many property owners are looking to update their homes and properties with modern and efficient solutions. A steel garage door is a fantastic option for those looking to improve the safety and security of their garages. Thanks to their sturdy construction and durability, steel garage doors are a reliable and cost-effective solution for protecting property. As the state of New Jersey enters a new era, steel garage doors remain a time-tested solution to protect and enhance the value of any property.

2-Flügel Drehflügeltor mit waagrechter sicke
Your advantages at a glance

Ideal for private garages with an opening width and height from 1,750 x 1,750 mm (symmetric division) to max. 3,000 x 2,500 mm. A third hinge is mounted 150 mm below the top hinge on coordinating heights of 2,251 mm or more

45 mm rigid PUR foam core for good thermal insulation

Thermally separated profi le (optional)

Thermally separated floor track

Optional gas pressure absorber to safeguard the end positions, or overhead door closer with catch lock

Wide range of patterns, surface finishes, attractively priced Super-Colors and nearly all RAL-colours as well as additional features such as glazing

Practical block frame for fl exible installation

Leaf opens either outwards or inwards

Active leaf can be positioned either on the right or on the left

Burglar resistant 3-point lock (optional)

Easy adjustment thanks to standard sturdy 3D hinges

Inside door leaf: Polyester based primer, sections in grey white, similar to RAL 9002, profi les in Traffi c white, similar to RAL 9016

Outside door leaf (standard): Traffi c white, similar to RAL 9016

Outside door leaf: Super-Color or RAL of your choice at additional cost

Accurate workmanship – reliable operation

All door leaf frames are made of aluminium and guarantee maximum weather resistance, while robust hinges ensure long-term, dimensionally accurate opening and closing.

Door leaf:


Polyester-based prime coat, grey white, similar to RAL 9002

Outside (standard):

Traffic white, similar to RAL 9016 (prime coated)


Super Color or RAL of your choice at additional cost (top coated)

Widest range of models and equipment

Add your own personal touch to your garage door – our premium sectional garage doors with 45 mm insulation are available in a choice of the following five patterns, and numerous top coated surfaces and colours from the Novoferm range!


1. Horizontal rib
Traffic white, similar to RAL 9016

2-Flügel Drehflügeltor in steel blue

3. Flush
Steel blue, similar to RAL 5011

2. Large rib
Traffic white, similar to RAL 9016

2-Flügel Drehflügeltor in fir green

4. Raised panel
Fir green, similar to RAL 6009

Note: The aluminium profiles on 2-leaf side doors with laminated colours and textured surface finishes are matched in a suitably toning shade. Our DuoPort barn doors are available in a wide range of surface finishes and colours.

Barn garage doors that match the architecture of your home!

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