NovoPorta Premio S-D-1 with bullet and burglar resistance

Security even in tricky situations

Numerous sensitive areas require protection against attacks of all kinds. The threat of handguns is becoming ever more real, not just in military areas but also and particularly in the public and civilian sectors.

S-D-1 FB 4 is the special bulletproof version of the NovoPorta Premio that has been successfully tested to EN 1522 and constitutes the perfect solution. During testing, the doors were examined for supposed weak points. As no splinters penetrated the interior room, Premio has been awarded the suffix “NS” denoting maximum security.

Your advantages at a glance!

Bullet and burglar resistant

Tested to EN 1522 ballistic class FB 4

which involved firing .44 Magnum and .357 Magnum handguns – the heaviest “large calibres” – at the door, which withstood the attack

Suitable, e.g. for security areas in airports, major train stations or venues, but also exposed areas in police and law enforcement buildings