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With more than 3000 employees Novoferm is one of the largest European system suppliers of doors, garage doors, frames and operators for uses in the private, trade and industrial sectors. Founded in 1955 we manufacture today in Europe and distribute our products in many countries of the world.

Our company policy is based on a simple principle: quality not quantity. It is our endeavour to offer our customers products that fulfil a maximum of quality, safety, comfort and aesthetics at a minimum cost. Thats why we can also give generous long-term guarantees on our products, of course, with exemplary service to go with them.

Our products take into account the customary requirements of the various countries and meet national standards and test regulations. Of course, we are certified to ISO 9001 and manufacture using the latest techniques whilst being considerate to the environment.

Since October 2003 we belong to the Japanese Sanwa Holdings Group.

Novoferm - Doors close to perfection!


Novoferm participates in a ShowCase at the 5G CMM Expo and Conference

October 2019  ❘  Exhibitions and events

Novoferm participates in a ShowCase at the 5G CMM Expo and Conference
5G CCM Expo and ConferenceThe new congress 5G CMM EXPO – with CMM standing for Connected Mobile Machines – takes place from 8th to 10th October 2019 at the Hannover Exhibition Center and deals with the entire range of applications of the 5G standards. It will become the leading annual event for key technologies in terms of autonomous and semi-autonomous machines and vehicles. This is possible in a worldwide unique, urban and protected infrastructure with public and private 5G network at the Hannover Exhibition Center.

The 5G CMM EXPO focuses on mobile automation technologies, embedded systems, software solutions for mobile applications and, of course, 5G. The new event offers a top-class conference with more than 100 speakers, accompanying exhibition and many showcases.

The companies Götting KG, WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG, MECSware GmbH and ubirch GmbH show a use case which is based on 5G for data communication.

The companies show a reality ShowCase with technology that is already available! An AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) moves in a manufacturing area along with passenger traffic. A central control system controls the entire process including the factory doors, signal lights and user recognition as well as data handling.

Novoferm shows a high-speed roller door with a corresponding control and the Lion 4.0 software for monitoring docking stations and industrial doors. This demonstrates how the products of Novoferm fit perfectly into this world.

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Novoferm takes over Swedish Robust AB

May 2019 ❘ Company New
Strategic takeover
Novoferm takes over Swedish Robust AB and strengthens position in Scandinavian and British markets
Rees, May 2019. Novoferm is consistently expanding its position as one of the leading European system suppliers of door solutions and docking systems: With the acquisition of the Swedish company Robust AB, the Novoferm Group has taken over one of the leading steel door manufacturers in Scandinavia and Great Britain and strengthens its position in both markets sustainably.

The acquisition of 100 percent of the company shares of Robust AB was agreed in the middle of May.

Robust AB, based in Nykroppa, has production facilities in Nykroppa, Sweden and Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, UK. The company employs 175 people and is specialized in manufacturing of fire protection, multifunctional and security steel hinged doors for the industrial and commercial market segments. The experienced management team under the leadership of the Managing Director David Lycett will continue to lead the company and ensure its successful development.

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SmartHome - Control your Novoferm garage door via an app


Novoferm`s smart Garage door drives (NovoPort, Novomatic 423, Novomatic 563 S) are compatible with different smart home Systems (Homematic IP, Innogy, DeltaDore).

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BAU 2019

January 2019 ❘ Company New

Novoferm at BAU 2019
Smart and digital: Customized product solutions for pedestrian, garage and industrial doors and logistics systems
Werth, January 2019. In 2019, BAU in Munich is again showcasing progress in all areas of the construction industry. What is clearly evident is that digitalization is taking over as a key driver of this progress and opening up entirely new opportunities for planning, constructing and operating buildings. Which is also evident in the solutions designed by Novoferm.

As one of Europe's leading system providers of pedestrian, industrial and garage door solutions, loading and logistics systems, Novoferm focuses strongly on digital opportunities – thus making it easier for customers and partners to enter the smart world of Construction 4.0. Numerous products and smart solutions for private, commercial and industrial applications form the basis. Digital applications designed by Novoferm raise efficiency, safety and cost effectiveness in logistics and industry, or enable the integration of Novoferm garage door operators in smart home systems.


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Novoferm takes over the French Norsud Group

July 2016 ❘ Company New
Further expansion as a full-service provider for industrial doors and docking technology
Novoferm takes over the French Norsud Group
Rees, 1 July 2016. The takeover of the Norsud Group by Novoferm was formally signed on Thursday, 30 June 2016. The purchase of the Norsud Group, a leading supplier of industrial doors and docking technologies on the French market, re-inforces Novoferm's position as an international full-service provider of prod-ucts and logistics solutions.

Novoferm, one of Europe’s largest suppliers of Entrance Solutions, is accelerat-ing its growth in France by taking over the Norsud Group.
Founded in the 1960’s, the Group has played a leading role on the market for industrial cus-tomers through its subsidiaries: Nordsud, GPS and Automanu. The key to this is the wide range of complementary and individually configurable solutions, for example in the fields of industrial sectional doors, high speed doors, roller shutters and docking systems.

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60 years of Novoferm

March 2015 ❘ Company New
What started out as a small company in the Lower Rhine region has meanwhile evolved into an internationally successful group of companies
60 years of Novoferm
Novoferm, one of Europe’s leading system suppliers of doors, garage doors, frames and operators, is celebrating its 60th birthday this spring. This round anniversary is a milestone in the story of an exceptionally successful and innovative company that was founded on 10 March 1955 as a small operation in Isselburg-Werth in Germany’s Lower Rhine region and

has since become an international group of companies to be reckoned with. With sites across Europe, but also in Asia, and sales around the globe. Just recently the company presented itself and its products at BAU, the world’s leading construction trade fair in Munich. It was the third-largest exhibitor there. We look to the future with confidence. The company is in good health. At Novoferm, we are convinced that global demand for high quality construction products  ...

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Novoferm - your professional partner for modern and attractive doors, industrial doors and garage doors

Novoferm Group is one of the leading system suppliers of doors, industrial doors, garage doors, frames and operators in Europe. We offer a large range of products and services for private, commercial and industrial applications.

Demands for safety, comfort, functionality and design are generally increasing and apply equally to doors, industrial doors and garage doors.

Manually-operated doors, for example, that offer no comfort and little safety are a thing of the past. The automatic doors offered by Novoferm are an innovative alternative, both for new building projects and for replacing obsolete garage doors.

Unlike garage doors, house doors connect rooms and people. They need to offer a feeling of safety and security and an aesthetic appearance, and to create transitions between different living and work areas. To this end, Novoferm offers private property owners, architects and planning engineers a broadly diverse choice of doors with features such as intrusion protection, smoke and fire resistance, or sound insulation. And they look good, too.