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Doors connect rooms and people. They make us feel safe and secure, provide transitions between different living and work areas. They create intimacy and give us the opportunity to withdraw and find peace and quiet. For confidential meetings. For concentrating on a difficult task. For playing without being interrupted. At home, at school, at leisure or at work. Which is why it is so important to make sure the doors really "fit", that they blend into a room and perform durably and reliably.

You will find all of these qualities in the range of interior doors made by Novoferm. Reliable products for sophisticated interiors. Superbly functional, manufactured to the highest standards, and offering lots of scope for your personal style.

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The advantages at a glance:

Interior doors made of steel for all living and work areas

High-quality steel and hard-wearing, easy-care surface finishes

Thick rebate adds a homely touch

Double-skinned door leaves with acoustic and thermal insulation shut tightly and reliably

Available in numerous attractive colours and decors

Interior doors for all living and work areas

Four types of steel interior doors made by Novoferm are available in a broad range of decorative colour coatings and wood decors to suit your personal taste.

Interior doors made by Novoferm are known to be extremely versatile. All doors can be provided

  • with left or right hinge
  • with optional window cutout
  • with 1 or 2 leaves
  • prepared for short plates or rosette plates
  • with optional corner or wrap-around frame in 1 or 2 parts; other frame designs are available on request, e.g. block frames
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Ideal for new construction and renovation projects

When building a new property, the numerous variants and features leave virtually nothing to be desired. Novoferm supplies door units that are ready for installation, complete with high-quality, sturdy frame variants made of durable hot-dip galvanized steel.
Renovations also offer a welcome opportunity to replace older doors once and for all with Novoferm products. Just hang a new door leaf and you're done. And to make your life even easier, you can simply shorten the door in the lower section of the U profile if the floor is uneven or a new floor has been laid.

Flexible hardware for limitless design options
A choice of hardware and exclusive accessories enlarge the scope for design. Window cutouts, attractive handles or high-quality glazing options make your door uniquely personal.

The arguments in favour of interior doors made by Novoferm
Every interior door made by Novoferm incorporates the decades of experience and expertise of one of Europe’s leading system providers and brand manufacturers.

Durable - high-quality steel and hard-wearing, easy-care surface finishes

Secure - double-skinned door leaves with acoustic and thermal insulation shut tightly and reliably

Our products comply with the various country-specific requirements and satisfy national standards and testing regulations.

We are ISO 9001 certified. Our production reflects best engineering practice and considers aspects of environmental compatibility.

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How to make work fun

Work and pleasure are not mutually exclusive. Both can definitely be helped by the pleasant atmosphere in a room. An attractively designed door made by Novoferm adds a special touch to any room. Take advantage of the huge choice of colours and hardware options, and opt for a durable and high-quality product made by Novoferm.

In commercial surroundings, for example:
Our Super Standard and Super Plus doors are the right basic models for these applications. Super Dekor and Super Color doors offer numerous options for individual colour schemes. All doors are designed with a homely thick rebate, and are enormously stable and resistant to distortion. This is where using steel as the base material really pays off. "In closing", you will be surprised at how gently and quietly these doors latch shut.

Choose an interior door to suit your personal taste!

The numerous designs and models are just as varied as your wishes and can be chosen to suit specific applications. What's more, Novoferm even offers all-inclusive door units featuring the leaf, frame and handle, as well as individual leaves or handles. Check out the options on our overview.

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