Feuer- und Rauchschutzabschlüsse
1-flügelige Feuerschutztür mit Festelement
Feuer- und Rauchschutzabschlüsse
Feuer- und Rauchschutzabschlüsse
Feuer- und Rauchschutzabschlüsse

Tubular frame doors

Enhanced possibilities, fewer restrictions

Fire protection requirements are best met when the requisite structural elements also feature a certain design sophistication. We know that architects and property owners want a broadly diversified programme, especially in construction projects, that features individual elements with matching designs.

Interior design highlights made of glass and metal

The range of profile frames / tubular frame doors shown here constitute a universal system that we have created to meet exactly these requirements in respect of doors and glazing. Here are the most important facts: Partitioning wall elements with sash bars are available in whatever width you require. No height restrictions apply for smokeproof wall elements, either. For fireproof wall units, the height is limited by building laws to a maximum 3500, 4000 or 5000 mm - depending on the type. In line with contemporary trends in architecture, our range now features a new surface: "Stainless steel finish".

Profile frames / tubular frame doors made by Novoferm create interior design highlights in glass and metal. In a choice of aluminium or steel, and combined with spacious glazing elements, they create the transparent structures that are so sought after, especially in building interiors. They also add a very special touch to contemporary architecture. Made by Novoferm. See for yourself!

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