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Quality is our strength

With more than 3000 employees Novoferm is one of the largest European system suppliers of doors, garage doors, frames and operators for uses in the private, trade and industrial sectors. Founded in 1955 we manufacture today in Europe and distribute our products in many countries of the world.

Our company policy is based on a simple principle: quality not quantity. It is our endeavour to offer our customers products that fulfil a maximum of quality, safety, comfort and aesthetics at a minimum cost. Thats why we can also give generous long-term guarantees on our products, of course, with exemplary service to go with them.

Our products take into account the customary requirements of the various countries and meet national standards and test regulations. Of course, we are certified to ISO 9001 and manufacture using the latest techniques whilst being considerate to the environment.

Since October 2003 we belong to the Japanese Sanwa Holdings Group.

Novoferm - Doors close to perfection!

A World Class Partnership

Novoferm is part of the Sanwa Group, a world leading manufacturer of entrance systems, supplying high quality, reliable and innovative products, through a global network of 107 Companies and thousands of Approved Distribution Partners. Founded over 50 years ago, now with annual sales in over 60 countries totaling more than € 2.5 billion and with around 9,000 employees.
Sanwa Group provides everything from garage doors, industrial doors, door and gate automation systems, roller shutters, shop front entrances, as well as steel hinged doors and frames for fire protection, security and personal access.
Sanwa is passionate about providing architects, construction companies and building owners around the world with products that guarantee safety, security and convenience – in their homes, in their workplaces, their hospitals, schools, offices, airports and shops.

German plants

Plant Haldern
Production Doors
Isselburger Strasse 31
D-46459 Rees (Haldern) / (Germany)

Plant Werth
Production Up and Over Garage Doors & Plants
Schüttensteiner Straße 26
D-46419 Isselburg (Werth) / (Germany)

Plant Dortmund
Production Sectional Garage Doors
Feineisenstraße 5
D-44339 Dortmund (Germany)

Plant Brackenheim
Production Doors
74336 Brackenheim

Novoferm tormatic GmbH
Production Operators
Eisenhüttenweg 6
44309 Dortmund

International plants

Wykroty Polen
Production Tubular Frame Doors

Camposampiero Italy
Production Doors

Melun France
Production Doors

Bavilliers France
Production Up-and-over doors

Machecoul France
Production Garage Doors

Didam Netherlands
Production Industrial Doors

Almelo Netherlands
Sales of Residential Products

Roermond Netherlands
Production Industrial Door

Guarnizo Spanien
Production Doors

Luton England
Production Garage Doors

Robust AB - Longton, Stoke-on-Trent England
Production Garage Doors

Horton Automatics, Ltd. – Telford England
Production Automatic Entrance Systems

Robust AB - Nykroppa Schweden
Production Steel- and Apartment Doors

Manuregion Reims
Service for Industrial Doors and Loading Systems


History of the company


Isselwerk Werth GmbH established in Isselburg-Werth


Metalltürenwerke established in Haldern


Merger of both plants under Isselwerk GmbH & Co. KG

Hoesch AG acquires a stake of 25 %


Company is taken over by Hoesch AG


Acquisition of garage door production in France


Name changed to Novoferm GmbH

Acquisition of a garage door manufacturer in the Netherlands


Start of gradual acquisition of Siebau Siegener

Stahlbauten GmbH and Riexinger Türenwerke GmbH


Sales companies established in Poland, Hungary and Switzerland


Establishment of Novoferm Belgium N.V.

Sales company established in Greece


Acquisition of Schievano S.r.l./Italy

Joint venture with Novoferm Alsal/Spain


Sales companies established in the UK, Romania and Czech Republic

Acquisition of Lutermax S.A./France


Plant in Dortmund opens as one of Europe’s most modern sectional garage door factories


Acquisition of Novoferm tormatic GmbH (drive technology)


Joint venture with Dong Bang Steel Door Inc./Korea


Sales companies established in Denmark, Croatia, Austria

Acquisition of Novoferm Group by Japanese Sanwa Shutter Group


Acquisition of TST Tor System Technik GmbH

Sales companies established in Russia, Slovenia, Bulgaria


Joint venture with ThyssenKrupp Elevators, China

Establishment of Novoferm (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.


Acquisition of bemo Brandschutzsysteme GmbH

Establishment of Novoferm Door (Poland)


Establishment of DSS Docking Solution und Service GmbH


Establishment of Novoferm Vertriebs GmbH


Establishment of Novoferm Spare Parts GmbH

Joint venture with Hobbs Industries and The Garage Door Company in the UK


Acquisition of Alpha Deuren International B.V.


Novoferm takes over the French Norsud Group


Acquisition of Bolton Gate Service Ltd. in the UK


Acquisition of Horton Automatics in the UK


Acquisition of Robust AB in Sweden

Green Solutions

Sectional doors
Novoferm Insulated sectional doors for residential garages, collective parking and industrial applications are made from double skinned, hot galvanized steel sections, with PUR rigid foam core, which provides top sound proofing and excellent heat insulation.

Novoferm energy saving Docking Systems offer the latest technology. Using the Novoferm i-vision controls it is possible to save up to 70 % on energy, compared to other dock-levellers on the market. A clear objective is to use 100 % recyclable materials. We select materials and components with great care. For instance, our docking control equipment is totally lead free and fully ROHS compliant. For optimal corrosion protection, all surfaces of our dock levelers are blasted after welding to create the best possible foundation for the coating process. The coating used is in compliance with the Decopaint Directive (VOC).

Novospeed doors
Novospeed doors provide a high speed, moving barrier in many applications, including: Retail, Logistics, Automotive, Pharmacy & Chemistry, Food and Light & heavy industry. This ensures a controlled working temperature in the area, saving energy losses and creating a pleasant working environment. 

Standby consumption of electrical appliances, like TV sets and refrigerators, is a hot topic. The Novoferm NRG garage door operators save energy costs and protect the environment at the same time. Often an operator is only activated a few times a day. Most of the time, the operator is on stand by. The power consumption of the stand by consumption for the Novoferm NRG operators has therefore been reduced to 0.5 W, reducing energy consumption by up to 94 %.

Safety Solutions

European safety standards
In accordance with the European EN 13241-1 standard, industrial and residential doors must meet a large number of safety requirements. These focus on preventing injury or damage to people or goods when the door is in use. The risk of being trapped must be limited to a minimum and the door may not suddenly free fall because a cable or spring has broken or because the motor or controls have failed. Novoferm develops and produces doors in strict compliance with these standards, for example.

Protection against fingers becoming entrapped
The profiling of all Novoferm sectional door panels is such that it is impossible to trap your fingers.

Spring break protection
If a rocking bar spring should break, the spring breakage protection will ensure the door is fixed in the position it is currently in.

Fall protection
If one of the steel cables used to suspend a sectional door breaks or becomes slack for whatever reason, a safety mechanism will ensure that the door cannot drop further.

Fire protection doors
Novoferm is a leader in the European fire protection market, producing more fire doors each year than any other European manufacturer. Our fire protection doors are produced in six plants in Germany, Italy, Spain, France and Poland, in accordance with many national standards and offering 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute protection. Through a continnous Research and Development programme at our own in-house fire testing at Brackenheim, Germany, as well as at independent test houses, you can be sure that Novoferm is leading the way with fire doors that meet the most stringent of requirements and the new European Standards, EN 1634-1.

Security Solutions


Novoferm provides a wide range of products for residential and non-residential applications that provide burglary prevention features.

For example:

Sectional doors

Lift safety device
The door can be protected against burglary in several ways. A lift safety device is provided as standard for electrically driven industrial doors.

Multi-point locking and additional burglar protection for garage doors and side doors.

Special features allow Novoferm to meet even the stringent requirements of the WK2 standard.

Burglary prevention for industrial doors
Windows can, if required, be secured against burglary through an internal grille fitted on the inside of the door.

NovoSecur® doors can be produced in a variety of classifications.

The highest being E-S9, which achieves the WK3 burglar resistance class.

NovoSecur® steel hinged doors

Produced in accordance with EN V 1627.

Security in detail.

  1. The security features of the lock with up to 9 points, drill protected profile cylinder and light metal security door furniture.
  2. The Novoferm special hinges are adjustable in three directions and offer extra security and ease of installation.
  3. Special security by an internal welded steel tube frame with cross bracing.
  4. Many different steel frame variants for almost any installation. A special feature is our renovation frame for retrofitting of old steel frames.

Service & Support

Technical advice and support

Technical advice and support is available from Novoferm, for the architect, the construction company and the building owner, at every stage of the project. This includes specification advice, such as product application information, available product accessories and options for renovation and energy saving opportunities.

Furthermore, we can provide advice on everything from product testing, certification and approvals, through to installation, commissioning and after sales support. In many countries we offer Service and Breakdown contracts, using our own network of Service Engineers and Approved Service Partners.

With its international team of Sales Consultants, Technicians and Service Engineers, Novoferm is there to provide service and support, every step of the way, from concept to installation, and beyond. For more details of the local Novoferm distribution partners contact us:

Novoferm International Sales Department

Schüttensteiner Straße 26

D - 46419 Isselburg-Werth



+49 (0) 2850 910 0


+49 (0) 2850 910 650


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