Multifunctional steel doors

Platform based steel doors

We have adopted a platform approach that is new for doors for our steel model ranges NovoPorta Premio with top quality thick rebate and NovoPorta Plano with flush closing design. So you benefit from synergies where they make sense, but can still opt for individual features if you want. Our door ranges offer a whole host of benefits alongside the uniform panel thickness and the sturdy and distortion resistant box-lid connection.

They are joined by the NovNovoPorta Premio Vario offering optimum solutions for drywall construction projects,  where the use of Novoferm fire protection foam or loose mineral wool to quickly backfill the frames is particularly beneficial, whereby only the corner frame has to be backfilled; the counter frame can remain empty. 

Designed for sophisticated architecture


Uniform appearance throughout an entire building

All areas of a project can now be fitted with platform doors in the Premio and Plano ranges to create an attractive and uniform appearance regardless of whether the models are fire resistant, soundproof, burglar resistant or design finished.

Attractive architecture is driven by design and functional performance – the perfect environments for NovoPorta Plano.

As a multifunctional design door, Plano is ideal for sophisticated architecture. It enhances offices, surgeries, or sophisticated lounges, hotel or catering environments.


Flexible, secure and efficient
Thanks to the platform concept, the installation procedure for both doors is the same – e.g. popular rebate bolt mounting for corner frames – with simple, fast and easily understandable backfilling variants using fire protection foam or loose mineral wool.

When it comes to accessories and special features for a new Plano, you can choose from the highly flexible modules that have long since been available for Premio models. Even the available glazing sizes and retaining strips are identical for both ranges – to ensure a uniform appearance throughout a building.

Our marks for your safety

They open when it matters

Automatic doors

Premio or Plano:

Both platform units are designed to maximize configurability. As automated variants with swing door operators and appropriate safety features, for example. So they are the door of choice, even for accessibility designs that comply with DIN 18040.

Emergency and escape doors

EN 1125:2008 and EN 179 govern the mandatory features for doors on emergency and evacuation routes, or at emergency exits. NovoPorta Plano and Premio meet all of these requirements – from handlebar or push rod to function lock.

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