Operating systems for garage doors

Experience the convenience of automatic door operation!

Superb ease of use, low operating costs and reliable technology are a standard requisite for every modern home today. If you translate that into garage terms, it means opening and closing the door by pressing a button, not having to get out in the rain or cold to laboriously raise the door by hand, activating the light by remote control – and consuming as little power as possible in the process. And knowing that all the equipment is safety tested and offers maximum functional reliability.

The new generation of Novoferm garage door operators is innovative, uniquely combining of ease of use and performance. Alongside their mature technology, they feature a contemporary and modern design.

All of the systems and components are perfectly matched to one another and, moreover, certified by independent institutes to the latest safety standards.

Why opt for garage door operators made by Novoferm?

Innovative and powerful
Advanced technology belongs in a modern casing. Our new generation of operators are trendy and stylish with increased push/pull force. The new Novoferm garage door operators combine cutting-edge technology with the highest level of energy efficiency. Their impressive features include an optimized design, state-of-the-art LED technology, stability and enhanced performance.

NEW: In conjunction with a sectional garage door, most of our new garage door operators can be operated using Novoferm's "smartGarage" mobility app, which you can download free of charge from the App Store or Google Play.

Premium quality backed up by our warranty
All Novoferm operators are manufactured in accordance with the strict ISO 9001 quality management system and – in combination with our garage doors – comply with the stringent safety requirements of European garage door standard EN 13241-1. At Novoferm, all garage door operators are tested in combination with all Novoferm garage doors, and comply with current standards and rulings, thus eliminating the possibility of incorrect application.

We provide a 5-year manufacturer's warranty on the mechanical, motor and motor control components of all of our garage door operators.

Superb energy efficiency
All of our garage door operators are fitted with modern, energy-saving LED lamps for added brightness, cost and energy efficiency. A further benefit in terms of energy savings is that many of our operators only consume 0.5 W in standby.

Easy to operate by pushing a buttonFlexible door and light control systems, menu-guided programming and service functions and a broad selection of accessories, such as keypads and remote controls, ensure that our garage door systems are easy to handle and user friendly.

Moreover, the operating functions are quick and easy to set with Novoferm's tried-and-trusted 3-key programming function. With the advent of the new generation of garage operators, Novoferm now offers attractive remote controls and various keypads made of UV-resistant material.

Self-learning power limitation and tamper-proof protection
The operator system monitors the power used to activate a door every time the door is moved.
No mechanical defect goes undetected; the extremely sensitive automatic cut-off function with dual-processor safety technology detects obstacles immediately and stops the door.

The function is enhanced with tamper-proof remote controls with 64-bit encryption protected by multi-digit rolling codes. The new remote controls are equipped with AES 128-bit encryption to offer maximum security.

*TüV-tested burglar resistance – for all standard automatic sectional garage doors (without optional extras, such as pass doors, emergency unlocking, windows, etc.)

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