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A SmartHome has many advantages: Networking and automation of a wide range of devices and functions (e.g. lighting or heating) noticeably increase living comfort. So it's no wonder that this technology is becoming increasingly popular! At the same time, more and more areas of everyday life are becoming smart, especially as SmartHome applications are also becoming easier and easier to integrate and operate.

With the help of the Homematic IP and Delta Dore systems, sectional garage doors from Novoferm have been smart for some time now. Now, with the help of the new Novoferm WiFi module and the possibility of integrating Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Mediola®, we offer three further options to facilitate voice control and the integration of the door into an existing SmartHome system.

Source: University of Siegen

Explanation - SmartHome

The "SmartHome" animation, created by the University of Siegen, can be viewed by clicking on the animation on the left.

Further detailed animations and videos about our products and services can be found on the Novoferm YouTube channel:


A smart garage door not only simplifies opening and closing, it also enables many other functions such as automatic door status queries or smart control of the operator lighting.

If you also want to benefit from these advantages, you need a Novoferm sectional garage door with operator and the right app from one of our SmartHome partners. Which other components you need depends on which SmartHome system you choose: For Homematic IP and Delta Dore, you need the SmartHome control center of the respective system and the Novoferm plug-on module to connect the operator; for Mediola®, you need the Mediola® SmartHome control center and the Novoferm WiFi module to connect the operator. The Novoferm WiFi module is sufficient for Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

All apps are available free of charge in the app store for Apple and Android devices. Once the app has been installed, the solution can be set up quickly and intuitively on your smartphone. If you already have a SmartHome system from one of our partners, you can of course also integrate your sectional garage door into it.

Your advantages at a glance

Control your entire SmartHome with one app

Intuitive operation via app with gesture control

Voice control*

Door control and door status query possible with smartphone, tablet or voice assistant

Control directly or with individual scenarios

Operator lighting can be controlled with and without door movement

Control of the ventilation position for optimum ventilation of the garage*

Several sectional garage doors can be controlled with one app

Maximum flexibility thanks to control independent of time and space


* Hardware and functions depend on SmartHome systems, components and release.

SmartHome - Steuern Sie Ihr Garagentor via App

Für die intelligente Steuerung von Garagentorantrieben von Novoferm (NovoPort®, Novomatic 423, Novomatic 563 S) können Sie typische SmartHome-Systeme (Homematic IP, Innogy, DeltaDore) verwenden.

Auf dem YouTube-Kanal von Novoferm finden Sie eine Reihe weiterer Clips / Videos:

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