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Up-and-over garage doors

The up-and-over garage door principle

Up-and-over door?

Up-and-over doors are the tried and trusted classics when it comes to garage doors, and are extremely popular. Comprised of a single galvanized door leaf with spring-mounted lever arms at the sides, they can be operated either manually or electrically. As the door leaf swings out during operation, appropriate space in front of the garage must be taken into consideration.

Up-and-over garage doors are generally less expensive than sectional garage doors. Cost-conscious customers can benefit from outstanding value for money without having to compromise on attractive door patterns or individual design options.

How up-and-over doors work

Click on the link on the left to watch a video explaining how up-and-over garage doors work.


You can find detailed videos explaining the benefits, installation and programming of Novoferm up-and-over garage doors on the Novoferm YouTube channel:

Why opt for up-and-over doors made by Novoferm?
Quality and superior workmanship

Since quality is definitely not something to be hidden, all Novoferm up-and-over doors bear the Novoferm seal of quality. What makes Novoferm up-and-over door systems so special are the high-quality materials, first-rate workmanship and components that are perfectly matched to each other – all made in Germany, of course! All Novoferm garage doors and operators are manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system and comply with the stringent safety requirements of European garage door standard EN 13241-1.

Trust backed up by our warranty

Trust is good, a warranty is even better. The Novoferm seal of quality constitutes a warranty for our customers of ten years on all steel up-and-over doors and five years on all solid wood up-and-over doors. The mechanical, motor and motor control components of our operators are also protected by a five year warranty.

Energy efficiency

All of our garage door operators and additional hardware (e.g. light strips) are fitted with modern, energy-saving LED lamps for added brightness, along with cost and energy efficiency. A further benefit in terms of energy savings is that many of our operators only consume 0.5 W in standby.

Our remote controls with particularly long-lasting batteries are available to control the door and lighting. The lighting control can either be linked to the garage door movements or not.

Innovative and powerful

Advanced technology belongs in a modern casing. Our innovative operators are trendy and stylish with increased push/pull force.

Novoferm garage door operators combine cutting-edge technology with the highest level of energy efficiency. Their impressive features include an optimized design, state-of-the-art LED technology, stability and enhanced performance.

Tested security

Automatic up-and-over doors are extremely secure! Powerful multiple tension spring assemblies prevent the door from falling, while a self-monitoring automatic cut-off safeguard stops and opens the garage door as soon as it encounters even minimal resistance. Novoferm up-and-over door systems consisting of operator and Novoferm up-and-over door K, in particular, are standard equipped with a 3-point locking system based on the safe principle and therefore meet the most stringent safety requirements. Tamper-proof remote controls protected by multi-part rolling codes are also available. The remote controls are equipped with AES 128-bit encryption to offer maximum security.

Ease of use is standard

Opt for an automatic up-and-over door made by Novoferm and make your life easier: you will never again have to get out of the car to open or close the garage door, which runs extremely smoothly on quiet plastic rollers along plastic abrasive strips in the block frame. Powerful multiple tension spring assemblies make the door as light as a feather to operate, while specially designed lever arm bearings make the garage easy to open and close. Added to which, flexible door and light control systems, menu-guided programming and service functions and a broad selection of accessories, such as keypads and remote controls, ensure that our garage door systems are easy to handle and user friendly.

More colour and individuality

Give your garage door a very personal touch – at Novoferm you can choose between numerous rib and raised panel patterns, as well as up-and-over doors with solid wood filling, attractively priced Super Colors/preferred colours and nearly all RAL colours, side and pass doors, and many more features, such as windows, light strips, handles, operators, remote controls and keypads.

Modernize your garage with an automatic up-and-over door system

Are you thinking of brightening up your garage and making your drive even more comfortable? Your Novoferm partner can replace the old door with an automatic up-and-over door. How can they do it so quickly? Whether you are building a new or renovating an existing garage, installation has never been easier with standard-sized Novoferm garage doors that are completely pre-assembled at the factory, or dimensionally accurate doors for ready-made garages.


So you want to raise the appeal of your garage – it costs less than you probably think! Up-and-over garage doors made by Novoferm offer outstanding value for money, regardless of whether you are building a new or renovating an existing garage. You can buy a Novoferm up-and-over garage door for less than 670 euros* (manufacturer's RRP).

*Price incl. VAT, without installation

Novoferm's network of partners

Novoferm works with an extensive network of dealers across Germany – close to where you are. Our authorized Novoferm dealers are available to offer advice on, sell, measure, and install your garage door, as well as disassembling and disposing of your old door in line with environmental protection rules – at affordable all-inclusive prices.

Select your up-and-over garage door!

Up-and-over garage doors made of wood

Up-and-over garage doors made of wood

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