Barn garage doors

The barn garage door principle


In addition to their superb insulation performance, our insulated Duo-Port barn doors give you the option of using your garage as an utility room, for leisure time or hobbies.

You can choose whether to open both leaves or only the active leaf, depending on your particular requirements. High-quality, sustainable materials, outstanding workmanship and a very wide choice of options give your garage a timeless look.

How barn doors work

Click on the link on the left to watch a video explaining how barn garage doors work.


You can find detailed videos explaining the benefits, installation and programming of Novoferm barn garage doors on the Novoferm YouTube channel:

Why opt for barn garage doors made by Novoferm?
Quality and durability of our surface finishes

All barn garage doors with coated (Super Color or RAL of your choice), film-covered (Golden Oak, Dark Oak, Mahogany, Winchester and Night oak) and textured surface finishes (satin white, satin grey, satin dark grey and satin brown) are top coated at Novoferm.

As well as giving your garage an elegant look, our quality surface finishes are more resistant to environmental factors, so you can enjoy your garage door for longer.

Insulation and energy efficiency

Our barn doors are insulated and fitted with a 45 mm rigid PUR foam core for good thermal insulation.

Accurate workmanship – reliable operation

All door leaf frames are made of aluminium and guarantee maximum weather resistance, while robust 3-D hinges ensure long-term, dimensionally accurate opening and closing.

Our barn garage doors can be fitted with burglar-resistant 3-point locking mechanisms with hinge locks.

More colour and individuality

Barn garage doors are available in a huge choice of patterns, surface finishes, attractively priced preferred colours and nearly all RAL colours, together with additional features, such as glazing options, to create your personal design.


Novoferm barn doors start at around 2,600 euros* (manufacturer's RRP).

*Price incl. VAT, without installation

Novoferm's network of partners

Novoferm works with an extensive network of dealers across Germany – close to where you are. Our authorized Novoferm dealers are available to offer advice on, sell, measure, and install your garage door, as well as disassembling and disposing of your old door in line with environmental protection rules – at affordable all-inclusive prices.

Simply contact us directly using our online forms at We will forward your enquiry to a Novoferm sales partner near you.

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