Anyone planning to replace their garage door wants improved looks and improved technology. The combined NovoPort® Speed System consisting of garage door, operator and hand-held transmitter is the perfect solution. Its new design and bi-directional radio signalling capability make it best in class across the board. And its energy consumption in standby is extremely low, at 0.5 W.

All elements in the NovoPort® Speed System have been perfectly matched to each other and certified to the latest safety standards by an impartial institute. Five-year warranty on all mechanical, motor and motor control components!

Renovating a garage door using just the NovoPort® Speed System made by Novoferm is as easy and convenient as this.

NovoPort® Speed System

Your advantages at a glance

Integrated high-seed function for door-opening that is up to 50 % faster (up to 29 cm/s)

Modern and 20 % flatter casing with continuous LED strip for energy-saving and bright illumination

Integrated, indirect lighting with LED (6 Watt) switched on automatically when opening

Automatic closing after a set time can be programmed (opto sensor required)

Smart control: The door can be operated by app or voice command

Simple integration in existing smart home systems

Adjustable ventilation setting to air the garage

The remote control unit has automatic signal encryption with AES 128 encryption to ensure the utmost protection against manipulation.

LED (red, yellow, green) garage door status display on the hand-held transmitter or via app

Novoferm Bluetooth module allows the specialist dealer to adjust the brightness, the ventilator position and the ventilation time

SmartHome - Control your Novoferm garage door via an app


Novoferm`s smart Garage door drives (NovoPort, Novomatic 423, Novomatic 563 S) are compatible with different smart home Systems (Homematic IP, DeltaDore).

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