Garagen-Sektionaltor ISO 70
Garagen-Sektionaltor mit LED-Belechtung
Garagen-Sektionaltor ISO 70

Premium plus sectional garage doors made of steel

Extra-effective extra-plus heat insulation

With the new Premium Plus sectional garage door, your garage is protected against wind and weather. The exceptionally good insulation helps to ensure that your garage, with a living area next to it or above it, does not cool down too much even in winter. This way you avoid heat loss and actively contribute to optimising the entire building‘s performance balance.

This brochure tells you all about our premium door with its extra-effective EXTRA PLUS, with all the details, benefits and design possibilities.

Are you looking for maximum energy efficiency and the greatest possible safety and security in addition to premium quality and the utmost ease of use?
Then choose premium sectional garage doors with a total section thickness of 70 mm, made by Novoferm.

Your advantages at a glance

Large selection of modern and top-coated surfaces and colours

Uniform appearance of inside of door, with smooth surface and coordinating details (hinges, profiles, etc.) coloured to match the door leaf

Maximum personal safety with anti-pinch protection inside and out

Reliable recognition of people and obstacles with the optional “Easy” safety opto sensors

Smooth door travel thanks to stainless steel ball-bearing tandem rollers and extremely quiet garage door operators


The sections have exceptionally good thermal and acoustic insulation with an insulation performance of U(p) = 0.34 W/m2K and a total section thickness of 70 mm

Patented thermally broken sections

Additional seals between the sections and a double floor seal

Window variants and cutouts in triple glazing also available on request

The optional Novoferm thermo frame set can increase heat insulation by up to 15 %*

Modern, energy-saving LED lighting for Novoferm garage door operators and additional accessories (e.g. light strips)

Garage door operators with low power consumption of only 0.5 watts in standby mode


* Performance dependent on door pattern and size.

Widest range of models and equipment


Add your own personal touch to your garage door – our Premium Plus sectional garage doors with exceptionally good insulation are available in two patterns with all the top-coated surfaces and colours from the Novoferm range listed below.

Door patterns

Elegant flush

Modern large rib

To suit the architecture of your home

Optional tension spring technology

Our premium sectional garage doors are available with optional vertical tension spring system or sturdy torsion springs.

Compared to our sectional garage doors with 20 mm insulation, our high-quality premium sectional garage doors with 45 mm insulation (up to 3000 x 2750 mm (WxH))* can be supplied with torsion springs with maintenance-free spring fracture safety device that is tested to EN 12604 for a modest surcharge.

All larger versions are standard equipped with our torsion springs, thus ensuring that the garage door is held firmly and can be pushed up, even if a spring breaks.


*For models with Woodgrain finish. The size restriction for models with smooth surfaces is max. 3000 x 2500 mm.

Premium-Antriebssystem NovoPort®

Montage Sektionaltor ISO 45 mit senkrechter Zugfeder 

Montage eines automatischen Garagen-Sektionaltores

Bei Klick auf die Animation auf der linken Seite wird die Montage des automatischen NovoPort- Sektionaltor-Systems iso 45 bzw. iso 70 mit senkrechter Zugfeder sowie die Vorteile in visuell ansprechender Form verdeutlicht.

Zahlreiche weitere Animationen / Videos finden Sie im Novoferm YouTube-Channel:

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