NovoPorta Premio steel doors (thick rebate)

The generation of doors that meets all requirements.

NovoPorta Premio is the generation of steel doors for Europe. The huge range of variants and consistently uniform appearance make them particularly ideal for construction projects.

With an attractive thick rebate and many other design features, they even look good in the office. Premio covers the full range of requirements, regardless of whether a T30 or T90 fire resistant, soundproof or security door is needed. The doors always look outstanding with their high quality powder primer in traffic white, wide range of available colours and huge choice of designs, which can also be extended to include the hinges if required.

The innovative bonding of the box and lid not only makes a NovoPorta Premio look extremely sturdy and high quality: it also dispenses once and for all with visible weld seams.

We developed the Premio specifically for the European market, which is why it already complies, not just with strict German standards and quality benchmarks, but also and above all with the future European product standard EN 16034. With its huge choice of design, engineering and assembly variants, NovoPorta Premio is just the door for you – it is, quite simply, the door that meets all requirements.

Your advantages at a glance

Versatile and highly configurable construction project door

Available in fire resistance classes T30 (EI2 30) and T90 (EI2 90), and as a smokeproof, multipurpose, soundproof and security door

High quality thick rebate for a consistently sophisticated appearance

Available in numerous design variants, decors and colours

Additional innovative logics for bonding the box and lid ensure good stability: … thanks to additional, innovatively bonded ...

Flush centre rebate with integrated centre transom on all two leaf doors up to fire resistance class T90

Door panels can be subsequently replaced without having to replace the frame, up to a height of 2125 mm

Installation benefits with numerous frame variants, e.g. approved backfilling with loose mineral wool or Novoferm fire protection foam

Rebate bolted installation of corner frames also approved for T90 fire resistance class

The new two-part universal frame 2140 B is the ideal solution for any type of wall

Five different types of hinges, made of steel or stainless steel, also available as 3-D hinges or customized slimline 3-D hinges in stainless steel, all easy to install and smooth running


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