Industrie-Sektionaltore Thermo 40 mm
Industrie-Sektionaltore mit Fenster
Industrie-Sektionaltore Novolux 60 mm
Industrie-Sektionaltore Feuerwehr
Industrie-Sektionaltore in dunkelrot

Pass and side door 40 / 60 mm

Separate access for people and goods


Although a pass door can be integrated into a Novoferm NovoLux or Thermo door, we recommend providing separate access for people and goods. The best solution is a fixed door at the front of the building, separate from the sectional door, or a fixed side door right next to the sectional door. While pass doors can be incorporated into sectional doors, they do not aid stability.

Added to which, restrictions apply in respect of the width, height and sill height of a pass door that might make it non-compliant with pertinent laws and regulations governing emergency exits. Consult your local authorities to make sure you are selecting the right pass door.

Totally separate doors for people and goods.

Separate doors for people and goods, but incorporated into the same opening.

Pass door for people, integrated into the sectional door for goods.

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