Smart and digital: Customized product solutions for pedestrian, garage and industrial doors and logistics systems

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Novoferm at BAU 2019
Smart and digital: Customized product solutions for pedestrian, garage and industrial doors and logistics systems
Werth, January 2019.
In 2019, BAU in Munich is again showcasing progress in all areas of the construction industry. What is clearly evident is that digitalization is taking over as a key driver of this progress and opening up entirely new opportunities for planning, constructing and operating buildings. Which is also evident in the solutions designed by Novoferm. As one of Europe's leading system providers of pedestrian, industrial and garage door solutions, loading and logistics systems, Novoferm focuses strongly on digital opportunities – thus making it easier for customers and partners to enter the smart world of Construction 4.0. Numerous products and smart solutions for private, commercial and industrial applications form the basis. Digital applications designed by Novoferm raise efficiency, safety and cost effectiveness in logistics and industry, or enable the integration of Novoferm garage door operators in smart home systems. The Multimedia Tower on the spacious booth in Hall B3 (Booth 339) at BAU is symbolic of this development and showcases how Novoferm's digital expertise can support more efficient processes and enhanced customer focus.

Novoferm focuses its digitalization efforts on solutions that add specific and dependable value for various customer groups. With smart homes in mind, private users benefit from digital progress. Novoferm consciously adopts an open system approach in this respect. Accordingly, Novoferm sectional garage doors with operators built in or since 2016 can now be operated conveniently with an app or the door controller can be integrated as an additional function into standard smart home systems. So the garage door can be opened and closed, the operator lighting controlled, or the door status checked with just a swipe. In addition to actual door control, individual scenarios can be programmed – and even combined with other functions integrated into the respective smart home system – to suit the entirely individual needs of a customer.
The same applies, of course, for the patentprotected NovoPort® operator, which has been further improved and now features added comfort, additional functions, enhanced security and a compelling design.

Novoferm is also spotlighting its iso 70 Premium Plus sectional garage door with thermally separated sections to guarantee maximum energy efficiency. Novoferm has the perfect solution for garages with rounded archways, a slope leading to the garage or a pavement with a lot of pedestrian traffic – an in-ward-opening sectional garage door with pass door. Doors that open safely and conveniently inwards and can be positioned flexibly afford optimum pro-tection for both people and property.

Novoferm is also presenting NovoSlide Wall, its newly developed system of sliding doors that open in front of walls, which it has designed with both private home applications and, above all, high quality commercial use in mind. The new development is representative of the ideal combination of function and design. At the high end of the range is the NovoSlide Wall Rapid automatic sliding door system whose low energy magnetic drive literally makes the door panel float.

Alongside these innovations, Novoferm is also presenting numerous new and improved door solutions aligned to customer needs. For example, Novoferm has expanded both its NovoPorta Premio range of multifunctional all-rounders with attractive thick rebate and its design oriented and flush closing NovoPorta Plano doors – "the most attractive fire protection feature" – in response to customer requirements. At BAU, these efforts are embodied by the single and double EI2 30 and EI2 90 door units with considerably enhanced application po-tential, or by the highly fire retardant EI2 60 that is available as a single or double door unit and was designed primarily for neighbouring markets in Europe.

Novoferm is responding to the growing demand for security in both commercial and private environments with its NovoPorta Premio RC4 multipurpose security door and its bullet resistant S-D FB4 RC3, a special Premio version with one or two leaves.

The NovoFire® Thermo range of aluminium tubular frame doors for outdoor use was developed in response to the demands of architects and planners for sophisticated housing, office or hotel projects that elegantly comply with fire protection requirements in densely built areas.

Installation highlight: Novoferm's EasyFit system offers particularly simple fire resistance ex-factory when installing an EI2 30 NovoPorta Premio door: Standard corner frames fitted with special foamers make installation faster, safer and more cost efficient. EasyFit eliminates the need for any further elaborate backfilling.

Industrial customers can look forward to further new products developed by Novoferm. As a company operating throughout Europe, Novoferm has laid the foundation for a new generation of sliding fire doors with its NovoSlide Industry. It complies with the specifications of all standard fire resistance classes in Europe and can therefore be used without any problems throughout Europe as a construction element with dependable CE mark. In future, all Novoferm fire seals will feature European classification.

EVO X is an innovative next generation loading ramp for optimizing complex and time critical loading processes in logistics centres and other operations that handle consignments. Its combination of smart safety technology and digital information management is unique, while its controller is as simple as it is fast. As such, it constitutes the perfect solution for enhancing Lion 4.0 soft-ware, the digital tool that ensures maximum process transparency and efficiency by monitoring, mapping and optimizing the entire loading situation.

Two newly developed rapid roll doors will also be presented in Munich. Novo-Fold is a rapid roll folding door that provides manifold support to logistics workflows. It is particularly efficient and extremely sturdy. NovoZip for indoor use is a flexible and self-repairing rapid roll door made of PVC that is ideal for heavily frequented passageways.

The new double skinned Thermo 80 industrial sectional door with aluminium sections and standard quadruple glazing will also be on show. Its heat insulation performance is particularly good, which minimizes energy consumption significantly, while its transparency is pleasingly light permeable.

In addition to its innovative new products, Novoferm will also be presenting numerous digital options for supporting and simplifying planning and sales processes at its central Multimedia Tower. Visitors to the fair can learn more about the powerful and user friendly service portfolio boasting a host of new applications and features.

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