Novoferm operators can now also be controlled via the innovative innogy app

November 2019 ❘ Garage doors and operators

Novoferm operators can now also be controlled via the innovative innogy app

Novoferm smart garages are open systems: customers have a choice of apps for Smart Home control
Werth, November 2019. Home owners ready to convert their houses into smart homes are often open to new ideas and place their trust in innovative solutions. This trust is often linked with certain manufacturers or brands. So when it comes to smart homes, it’s particularly important to offer end users a choice of the best and most popular systems. This kind of customer focus comes naturally to Novoferm. As one of Europe’s leading system suppliers of doors, garage door solutions and loading systems, Novoferm consistently relies on open systems when it comes to integrating garage door control in smart home applications. This allows customers to integrate their Novoferm operators in existing systems or choose freely between different systems in the case of a new installation. The innogy SmartHome app gives owners of Novoferm sectional garage doors another interesting option. After all, innogy already offers a great deal more than a standard door control system. And in future, users can look forward to additional practical services thanks to connection to the IoT (Internet of Things) platform via innogy’s subsidiary Livisi.

Customers’ main criteria when it comes to choosing a smart home solution are convenience and security. Simple, self-explanatory control of all smart devices is also just as important. In addition, it must be possible to integrate new elements easily. The inclusion of Novoferm SmartHome-compatible operators (NovoPort®, Novomatic 423 and Novomatic 563 S models from 2016 onwards) in the innogy SmartHome system largely guarantees the fulfilment of all these criteria. Aside from the free innogy app and the new innogy SmartHome Controller (SHC 2.0), the only additional hardware you will need is a plug-in module for the Novoferm operator. As for the other apps compatible with Novoferm from Delta Dore and Homatic IP, the installation is largely automatic and self-explanatory: once it has been plugged into the operator, the module automatically starts in “teach mode”. Once the set time for the teach mode has elapsed, the module can be reset to teach mode by taking it out and plugging it back in again. This means that the app will then recognise the module as a new device.

For some customers, garage door control via a smart home app is also an interesting and cautious way of starting out on the path towards a fully connected home. After all, since this involves completely new solutions with which they therefore have little experience, cautious customers sometimes prefer to see how easy it is to use and operate a control system via an app for a restricted area of use before extending it further.

Garage door control is an excellent choice as a first step because garages are usually used constantly on a daily basis and so the system can really be “put to the test”. Also, the garage is part of the house and yet not quite so relevant to security as the front door or shutters on ground floor windows. If you start your conversion to a smart home with the garage doors, you can check out your selected app without having to entrust the entire house – from external doors to lighting, heating, shutters and including the fridge and washing machine – to the system.

With the innogy app, whether it’s used as a test run or for integration in an existing smart home system, you also get some interesting extras in addition to the standard functions. Of course a standard feature is the opening and closing of the garage door (or doors, since of course several doors can be controlled by the app), at any time and from wherever you are. The same applies to consulting the status of doors.

The lighting around the garage door can also be controlled as part of the smart management system. The app is connected to the operator lighting and can switch on light sources as you drive in, as the doors are opened for example, as required. The ventilation of the garage can also be regulated to suit individual requirements. This means that the garage door can automatically move to the ventilation position.

innogy and Livisi also offer some other appealing options: home owners can set detailed scenarios to guarantee additional security for their home and vehicle according to individual user behaviour or perception of risk. Smart security and surveillance technology can be connected to the garage door without the need for any additional hardware or software. Users can, for example, set the outdoor lighting to come on and the surveillance camera to take a photo of the area every time the garage door is opened at a certain time of day.

Another important factor for Novoferm was that innogy and Livisi plan to expand their service offer still further. One application that has already been launched ensures a safe and easy way for packages to be delivered regardless of whether the recipient is present or not. A special secure system allows customers to set the doors to open automatically for certain delivery services – so the package doesn’t have to be left with a neighbour or collected from the branch office. As with all the other functions, users can control this setting from their smartphone or tablet. Novoferm smart doors will of course also obey Google voice controls.

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Novoferm smart garages are open systems: customers have a choice of apps for Smart Home control
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