Industrie-Sektionaltore Thermo 40 mm
Industrie-Sektionaltore mit Fenster
Industrie-Sektionaltore Novolux 60 mm
Industrie-Sektionaltore Feuerwehr
Industrie-Sektionaltore in dunkelrot

Track and hardware systems

Quality modular systems that are easy to install

Novoferm track systems are modular and assembled as far as possible in advance. The track systems are suitable for both Thermo and Novolux doors, and for Novolux XL.

Development and installation of the track systems and spring assemblies always focus on certified quality and durability.

Spring buffer
The highly stressable spring buffer gives the horizontal door a brief shove to get it closing. The length of the spring buffer is dictated by the configuration of the door.

Floor fitting
The floor fitting connects the track properly to the floor. Together with the spacer, it ensures the right distance between the guides.

M8 screw connections
Metal hardware components are standard connected to the track profiles using M8 screws. Thanks to carefully pre-assembled components, fast installation is possible.

Carrying cable
Thanks to the modular structure of our track systems and hardware, we can always ascertain whether the carrying cable is correctly positioned relative to the vertical tracks, thus ensuring maximum safety and reliability.

Safety track
The safety track makes sure the rollers cannot slip out; the carrying cable is securely concealed by the track for added safety.

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